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Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 (level 3) Speciality Serum

Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 is the latest formulation and most potent version of the Osmosis Catalyst Serum group. It contains the same key ingredient – Zinc Finger Technology that is in Catalyst Serum and Catalyst Plus+ Serum. Catalyst AC-11 gets its potency with higher levels of Zinc Finger Technology and an additional DNA repair compound known as AC-11. Extracted from Cat’s Claw, a woody vine found in South American rain forests, research has proven that AC-11 increases DNA repair by 33%. Soothing Aloe, Zinc and Vitamin E are combined with technology to make Catalyst AC-11 a powerful anti-aging product that not only stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin, it also improves acne lesions and scar healing, lightens pigmentation and reduces visible blood capillaries.


Units per Case: 12

The maximum purchase quantity is 4 cases

The maximum purchase quantity is 4 cases